Each week our journey takes us around the world, but it also introduces us to some amazing local businesses that we just have to share with you!
If you have eaten with us before you will recognise some of their fantastic products.
Every one of these amazing local companies have worked with us on our menus. We have met them. We have worked with them. We give you their information, because they have quality products, and provide amazing local products and services.
We will make you a promise, here and now.
  • We promise, that we have worked with these companies. We have met them, and bought from them.
  • We promise, that we support their business ethics.
  • We promise, that these companies are local to the North East, or have close links to the area.
  • We promise, that we have used their products in our food or have promoted their services alongside our menus.
  • We promise, that quality is at the top of our list when we deciding who to work with to ensure our customers get the best from our collaborations.
Click on the links below and find out where you can buy amazing, fresh and creative services and products in the local area. Your favourite items from our menus might be available through this page!